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Welcome to the collaborative space for the Hannah More Letters Project. There are a number of ways to get involved depending on how you would like to help:

[mdi-icon name=”pen” size=”default” color=”black”]Annotate some letters

All the letters that have been proofed so far can be found on the Letters page. You’re welcome to read through them and to leave comments. Use the new comment button to suggest corrections, offer information, or provide insight that can contribute to a scholarly edition of the letters.

[mdi-icon name=”account-multiple” size=”default” color=”black”]Provide biographical information

More mentions hundreds of different people with whom she has various degrees of involvement over the course of her life. We’re collecting all of these into a gigantic spreadsheet. If you can help us learn more about any of these people and how they are connected to More and each other, please feel free to add comments to the charts. Jot ideas or information in the editorial discussion box.

NB Please do not change or delete the keys in the first column. If two entries need to be combined into one person, leave a message about it and it will be changed in the spreadsheet and in any previous letters that may be affected.

[mdi-icon name=”puzzle” size=”default” color=”black”]Solve puzzles

Sometimes questions arise in the letters that need more research to answer. You’ll find all current unsolved puzzles, confusions, annoyances, and general conundrums on our discussion board. Can you help solve any of them?

[mdi-icon name=”xml” size=”default” color=”black”]Mark-up XML

Would you like to learn some basic mark-up and help with the mixed coding and editorial work of creating the letters? On this project, we believe that editorial input and encoding should go hand in hand, and the letters are closely marked up giving you a chance to leave traces of you insight in the structure of the letters. For those with some existing knowledge of XML you can find our Schema and tag list with instructions on the Coding page.

If you are new to TEI and would like to get involved, or have questions about our methods, email Sarah on to get started.

[mdi-icon name=”file-xml” size=”default” color=”black”]Contribute to our TEI schema

The letters are first marked up in a basic schema that matches our project’s needs. It’s then transformed into more complex TEI to make it conformant with the wider scholarly community. This is an ongoing process in which we’re open to discussion and input. You can get involved here by contacting Sarah on, or by starting a discussion on our discussion board.

[mdi-icon name=”poll” size=”default” color=”black”]Visualise our data

We’re producing all kinds of data sets from this project as we go. We already have all kinds of meta data on all of More’s known letters – whom they’re to, when they’re written, where they’re held – as well as growing sets of information gleaned from encoding the letters themselves. If your talents lie in making stories from data and you’d like to get involved, just contact us and we’ll share with you.

[mdi-icon name=”school” size=”default” color=”black”]Suggest resources

Do you know of online resources, books, databases etc that might be helpful while researching More’s letters? Let us know by leaving a comment on the Resources page.

[mdi-icon name=”auto-fix” size=”default” color=”black”]Offer something else

Are there other ways you’d like to get involved? Contact us and let us know!