Current test version of some of the letters are visible here:

Please explore and provide feedback. Bear in mind that these are very much still works in progress. There are many errors, and they will be regularly updated as we clean and tidy.

All feedback – from extra spaces you’ve spotted to a fundamental disagreement with with the structure of the project – is welcome and encouraged.

We’re also interested in blue-sky thinking. What would your ideal edition of these letters include? What would you like to be able to do with them?

How to leave feedback:

There are several different ways to leave feedback on the letters and site. I’ll check them all regularly, so please use whichever is most comfortable for you.

  1. Leave notes in the comments section of this page.
  2. Start a new topic on the discussion board here.
  3. Leave comments about a specific letter on the editable version here on the site. (The coded up letters are drawn from these, so updates or corrections will filter through.)
  4. Fill in the calendars. The calendar pages are produced from the shared spreadsheets here on the site.
  5. Sticky notes – Every page on the live test site has a little black box with an arrow in the top left corner. Clicking that opens a bar that will let you create a sticky note. You can type a message, then drag and drop it anywhere on the page. It will be visible to everyone.
  6. Email me (
  7. Send me a Skype message (sarah.crofton)
  8. (I’m also working on getting a chat box on the site in the near future for quick messages.)

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